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Do you have Tax Problems resulting from TAX DEBT and need TAX HELP?

We take the stress out of dealing with IRD for you. Whether you have overdue income tax, overdue PAYE, overdue GST or overdue tax returns we literally take the heat out of it all. We regularly have people come to us who say they can’t sleep at night. Many are concerned they might even end up in prison. They are visibly shaken and stressed. They leave after the first interview shaking their heads and saying “I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off me.”

Tax Problems Caused by Overdue Taxes

Are you struggling to pay overdue taxes and don’t know what to do? Are you stressed to the max and going to pieces with worry about your IRD debt? Are your Tax Problems causing you to lose sleep? Have you got behind in your tax payments and simply don’t know what to do? Is your IRD problem that your tax debt has grown so big you can’t see any way you will ever be able to pay it? The problems are IRD’s excessive interest and penalties. Because of these two factors Tax Debt doubles approximately every three years. For instance if your total tax arrears are $40,000 now, then in three years they could be $80,000 and in six years they could be $160,000. There are very few people who can keep up with this. Let’s say you were able to pay the original tax debt off at $200 per week (most people couldn’t afford to do this as well as keep their business running and keep up with current taxes and have enough left over to live). $200 per week for 52 weeks is $10,400. However by the time the year was up you would owe approximately another $6,000 in interest let alone any penalties. Many people tell us they have been paying off their PAYE arrears or their GST arrears or their Income Tax arrears for years and the total never seems to go down. This can be extremely discouraging if not downright soul destroying.

The Way Forward – Negotiation with IRD On Your Behalf Over Your Tax Arrears

You need an expert who knows the tax laws and IRD procedures to handle the negotiation with IRD on your behalf. We have a whole team working for people like you with IRD problems, overdue taxes and overdue tax returns. Because we have specialized in this for many years we are able to cut to the chase and in nearly all cases come up with a satisfying solution for what may seem to you an impossible situation.

Your First Interview To Sort Out Your Tax Trouble is Free

The first interview is free and without obligation. At this interview I will evaluate your situation and tell you what we can do for you, what the likely result will be and what our charges would be. We are so confident that we will be able to provide a positive result for you that we offer a money back guarantee – no results – no fees.

In Trouble With IRD Over Unpaid Taxes – How Serious Is It?

If you are in trouble with IRD over unpaid taxes it is VERY serious. It is important that you resolve the issue as quickly as possible. As explained above it doesn’t take long for the tax debt to get completely out of hand due to IRD’s penalties and interest on late tax payments and late tax returns. There are different penalties and interest charged on overdue Income Tax Debt, overdue GST Debt and overdue PAYE debt. There also different additional penalties for late filing of Income Tax Returns, GST returns and PAYE Returns.

Are IRD Problems Over Tax Payments Solvable?

In most cases they certainly are. Not only that, the resolutions we bring about almost invariably (1) bring huge relief to our clients and (2) are resolutions our clients would not have thought were in the realm of possibility. Without a doubt the penalties and interest IRD imposes on late payments of tax arrears are vicious. However if IRD did not ‘overcharge’ large numbers of people would not pay their taxes. For instance if IRD did not charge interest that was higher than the banks people would use IRD as a bank. For instance, if people like property developers could have the use of money they should have paid to IRD for overdue taxes, at a lower rate than what the bank would charge them, then they would use IRD’s money.

The problem is that people like you who are not deliberately evading paying their overdue taxes are caught in their net. There are most probably genuine reasons why you haven’t paid your tax arrears – these could range from health reasons, downturn in the economy, bad business decisions, broken relationships, money you haven’t received for work you have done, loss of a close relative etc etc.

Why Can’t I Just Ring IRD About My Tax Problems – Tell Them My Plight and Ask Them to Please Make It All Go Away?

It would be good if you could just ring IRD about your tax problems and tell them the particular reasons why you have unpaid taxes and persuade them to let you off your tax debt. For obvious reasons it doesn’t work like that. Otherwise every Tom, Dick and Harry would be ringing IRD to explain why they shouldn’t have to pay their tax arrears. Your problem with overdue taxes which you have no way of paying is actually a legal problem. IRD is not allowed to let you off in this manner even if they wanted to or because they feel sorry for you because Tax Legislation will not allow them to do this (except for very small amounts). For this reason you need a Tax Specialist experienced in dealing with your type of Tax Problem. There is a whole series of procedures that must be followed otherwise the result you are hoping for will not happen – the only result you will get is what you are getting now – pain!

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